Bringing Citrus To Life

A citrus growing, packing, and global export business in Mozambique creating life changing impact for the local community

A new beginning

We’ve launched Verdant Produce: A citrus growing, packing, and global export business in Mozambique that will create life changing impact for the local community and compelling returns for investors.

About Verdant Produce

Verdant Produce will offer premium, counter seasonal citrus from its ideally located and resourced orchard in Mozambique.

This is expected to be the leading citrus growing & packing business in Mozambique exporting to our partners’ existing customers in Europe, SE Asia and the Middle East. We’ll create life-changing impact for the local community and a compelling return for investors.

This will be the strongest team in the region led by a veteran of  Verdant Frontiers as the CEO, who has over twenty years of agribusiness management experience throughout Africa, and two partners who market & export over 20,000 metric tons of citrus annually.

Citrus exports are big business


Global exports of Oranges


Global exports of Lemons and Limes


Global exports of Grapefruits

Our land is in a world-leading citrus producing region.

Massingir is in the geographic and climatic region that includes South Africa’s most successful citrus fields: Limpopo and Mpumalanga. This region is responsible for making South Africa:

Globally in fresh Orange exports
Globally in Lemon and Lime exports
Globally in Grapefruit exports

Our Team

Bruce Hamilton


An Agriculture graduate with over 30 years of agricultural experience in Africa, Bruce has managed up to 10,000 staff, grown revenues, delivered profitability and managed large operations across several countries serving numerous markets internationally. Bruce is a partner at Verdant Frontiers Holdings.

Tertius Strauss

General Manager

A partner in All About Fresh focusing on international business development, Tertius has previously been in Director positions for numerous African and Chinese firms including the Director of Global Outdoor Systems and Commercial Director of FedEx for Southern Africa.

Daniel Checo

HR Manager

A Mozambican national who came to us out of the gas industry in Mozambique and is well experienced in the field of Human Resources and Public Relations.

George Chakawaka

Finance Manager

An ex-Zimbabwean who has lived and worked in Mozambique for the past 20 years. He is experienced in finance management in the Mozambican context, is fluent in Portuguese and we believe that he will serve the business well in this role.

Hennie Prinsloo

Production Manager

Recruited from an Israeli company growing an array of vegetables including potatoes in South Sudan, Hennie has grown rice, maize, sorghum, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet pepper, brinjal and watermelon. He has also farmed vegetables in Mozambique and South Africa for the past 25 years and has a deep knowledge of commercial production of potatoes.

Issufo Malaza

PR and Community Relations Manager

Has served as Secretary of the Organization, Mobilization and Advertising of the Mozambican Youth Organization (OJM) in the Massingir Sede Zone and is a Member of the OJM Provincial Committee in Gaza.

Bongani Manzi

Finance Director

Is a seasoned finance professional - a Chartered Accountant. He has served as the Group Manager Finance and General Manager Finance in a large group of companies in the forestry & agriculture sectors. He was responsible for a group of 10 companies across 4 African countries with a combined annual turnover of ~$1B.

Our Partners

Soleil Sitrus brings operational expertise and market connections.

  • 2,000 acres (800 hectares) of citrus trees under management.
  • Operational expertise as Soleil packs and exports 15,000 metric tons of citrus per annum.
  • Their proximity to the farm and contextual experience makes them ideal partners.

All About Fresh is an experienced citrus marketer and Mozambican farm operator.

  • Contribution of 1,250 acres (500 hectares) of land in exchange for equity in the company.
  • Seasoned operators with proven agricultural success in Mozambique.
  • Experience marketing up to 6,000 metric tons of citrus per annum.

Andisa AGRI is a pan-Africa agricultural consultant with citrus specialization.

  • Experienced technical consultants in agricultural operations, specifically citrus.
  • Dr. Hoppie Nel, a lead consultant and potential board member is a veteran in citrus production at the corporate level.
  • Andisa has experience scaling commercial farms throughout Africa.

Social Impact

Verdant Produce will create
850 direct jobs and
life-changing impact.

Massingir has a unique problem: A national park was declared by the government and many thousands of families have been displaced out of the park into Massingir, without work or skills. Poverty has increased and prospects are dire. Research shows that 73% of residents in Massingir district still live in mud huts with no access to water and electricity.

Agriculture represents one of the best avenues to reduce poverty in Africa: poor households are overwhelmingly rural, living in areas where land and labor are abundant, but jobs are scarce. Families are in desperate need of dependable and decent work.

These new jobs are a necessary solution to enable the community to thrive. In addition to providing its workers an avenue to escape poverty, Massingir Citrus will help grow the local economy. We estimate that this increased economic activity will create over 1,200 indirect jobs.